Emergency Response

If you're right, it could be an emergency. If you're wrong, it could be a disaster.

INFICON understands that it's vital for you to assess risk in real-time at an incident. Make the right decision fast with INFICON HAPSITE chemical identification systems - used worldwide with confidence and minimal training by emergency response teams for immediate, on-site detection and analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and chemical warfare agents (CWAs) in air, water, and soil. Learn more.


INFICON offers both gas chromatograph/mass spectrometers (GC/MS), the benchmark for positive identification of organic chemicals with the highest degree of accuracy of any analytical technique, and stand-alone, portable gas chromatograph (GC) technology, ideal for monitoring in most industrial and environmental applications.

Product Portfolio

Chemical Monitors and Detectors
For Health, Safety, and Environmental Applications
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Photovac Detection Equipment

On-site identification and quantification of potentially hazardous VOCs.

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